GunChat Secondhand Market

Since this website has a Belgian origin, we must comply with Belgian legislation. The Belgian Law of 8 June 2006 regulating economic and individual activities involving weapons (also referred to as "Weapons Law") prohibits the following activities:

Art. 19. It is prohibited to sell or offer for sale weapons by mail order or via the Internet to private individuals, or to organize the remote sale of weapons, ammunition and magazines to private individuals;

Consequently, it is prohibited for Belgian residents, non-traders, to offer weapons for sale to private individuals. In other words, you may not advertise weapons for sale or want to advertise. Gunchat.eu may also not allow distance sales to be organized for weapons, chargers and ammunition between private individuals.

If you do put weapons for sale, Gunchat.eu reserves the right to deny you access to this part of the forum, and thus convert your GOLD membership into a SILVER membership, and remove your advertisement. You will therefore have to subscribe to this part of the forum in the future if you want to use it again.

If you are in possession of a weapon, and want to get rid of it, the Weapons Law only allows you to sell it by word of mouth to fellow shooters, to display an advertisement in your club or to sell it to or through a recognized arms dealer. Since there are many dealers, you can always inquire with fellow shooters whether they know a recognized dealer who will take over your weapon at a reasonable price. You must then contact the dealer yourself to arrange the sale of your weapon.

Indien u akkoord gaat met deze regels, klik op de knop om naar het forum te gaan.